On 19th December 2013, at the Warsaw town hall MZA and the Lider Trading signed the agreement for the delivery of 35 Solbus LNG articulated buses and LNG fuel with LNG refueling station

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According to the agreement, MZA company will be supplied with 35 Solbus LNG buses and fuel, for the next 10 years. The value of the deal totals 114 mln PLN or over 27 mln EUR.

The buses will be delivered in the 1st quarter of 2015. The liquefied natural gas for fueling will be supplied from the Gazprom Germania LNG portfolio. The Gazprom's subsidiary will also build a fixed LNG station in one MZA's depots.

 These innovative buses, manufactured by Solbus, and supplied with natural gas by Gazprom Germania Group, represent a new environmentally friendly and economically efficient solution for the municipal transport.

They reduce pollution and ensure savings on up to 40% on fuel cost.



Author: team Lider Trading